From 1999 to 2001 I attended the preparatory course at the Utrecht conservatory. During this period I completed my study as an creative therapist.

In 2001 I was admitted to the bachelor course "classical music" with as the main subject Euphonium, at the Utrecht Conservatory with subject teacher Piet Joris.

In 2005, I achieved cum laude my Bachelor's degree and was able to follow my Master's degree at the Fontys conservatory in Tilburg. During these study years, I aimed on the secondary subject (bass) tuba in addition to the Euphonium. In 2007 I also graduated cum laude for my Master degree.

During the study years I have been able to attend special master classes with renowned professionals in this field, including Steven Mead and Brian Bowman.

Also I participated in several workshops in the field of Euphonium and bass tuba, including those of the American tuba artists Jonathan Sass (jazz - blues), Patrick Sheridan and the late Donald Blakeslee. From a number of renowned guest teachers I have been allowed to attend impressive masterclasses such as with Hendrik-Jan Renes and Bernard Beniers and in March 2009 with the legendary tuba artist Roger Bobo.

From 2009 to 2013 I followed the Bachelor's degree in orchestral conducting at the Fontys conservatory in Zwolle and Enschede. During this period I have been able to work as a conductor with various harmony and fanfare orchestras.